Nokia launches bargain bucket XpressMusic 5130

Nokia's high-end cells get so much press these days, it's easy to forget that they're pretty adept at firing out tidy little cheap phones with feature

While it might not shoehorn in the same grunt as the touchscreen 5800, it still has a more than capable 2MP snapper, 1GB card in the box, with support for bigger cards promised and a 3.5mm jack for putting your decent buds in and getting some tunes out.

Like the other XpressMusic handsets, it also packs an FM radio and full music controls so you don't need to get the phone out and check the screen every time you want to flick past that pesky MOR you've somehow managed to get on there.

It comes in black and blue and black and red, with an off the shelf price of around £75 when it launches in early 2009. Surely a worthy alternative to the music-only capabilities of the iPod nano and the pricier touchscreen Nokia XpressMusic 5800.


Nokia XpressMusic 5130

Price: £75

On sale: 2009

Contact: Nokia