Nokia gives N82 a paint job

Nokia may well have outed a slew of multimedia delights at Mobile World Congress last month, but we’re not going to be seeing the N96 or N78 in

So Nok lovers can rejoice at today’s news for the image conscious, with the Finnish mobile mavens giving the top end N82 a sharp black paint job.

On the inside (and remember kids, that’s what counts), we’re still looking at the same high-end phone of yore, with a 5MP camera, 8GB SD support for stashing every region available on Nokia Maps and trusty A-GPS for getting you home post evening tipple.

The A-GPS is set to get even more of a work out too, with Nokia readying a free Sports Tracker widget that’ll let you geotag snaps and share them with the world.

Your mates will also be able to see how far you’ve travelled, at what speed and even use the same route as you if it takes their fancy.

Nokia’s saying the app will drop soon, but in the meantime you can snag the black N82 in Q2. If the N96 and N78 don’t take your fancy, then this could be the blower for you.


Nokia N82 in black

Price: £315 SIM free

On sale: Q2

Contact: Nokia