Nokia to ditch Symbian from N Series smartphones by 2012

We've heard this before, and heck – Nokia has even denied it, but now it seems Nokia has all but admitted that the Maemo OS we've seen in the N9

Symbian isn't doing too well at the moment. Lagging desperately behind the likes of the iPhone and Android OS', it may still hold 50% of the smartphone market in its grasps, but if Nokia goes ahead with this, and Samsung leans more towards its own bada OS as expected, its hold on the market could drop rapidly.

Mashable is saying that it was at the official N900 meet-up in London that Nokia pretty much admitted the Maemo move, and would see the company's high-end N Series smartphones powered by the Linux-based OS by 2012.

It's also thought that Nokia will run Maemo Select, its Maemo app portal, alongside the Symbian Ovi Store for a while, but will eventually merge them in to one at a later date.

This will certainly be a blow to Symbian, with Nokia being champions of the OS for so long. However, it does seem that Symbian will remain in its E and X Series devices, so that's something for any of you out there that still love the platform.

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