Nokia design boss talks up Windows 8 tablet

Marko Ahtisaari says he spends a third of his time working on Nokia's iPad rival

It looks like that the heavily-rumoured Nokia Windows 8 tablet is a real thing – or at least it will be before 2012 is out. According to Cnet, Nokia’s design honcho Marko Ahtisaari told a Finnish magazine that he spends a third of his time on the development of the device.

Sadly that was where his bean-spilling ceased, but rumours suggest the Nokia tablet will feature a 10-inch screen and dual-core processor. And because it runs Windows 8, which goes on sale in late 2012, we’d expect it to launch around the same time.

Windows 8 will use the same live tile “Metro” user interface as Windows 7 Phone, and apps will work across phones, tablets and PCs. While we’re currently raving over the new iPad, the thought of fondling a Metro-based tablet is still rather tantalising.

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