Nokia Comes With Music losing DRM by 2010?

Nokia's Comes With Music is undoubtedly a killer idea. But slathered as it is in DRM, uptake here in Blighty has been slow, especially as everyone fro

Well, it seems that could all be about to change. Electronista has got hold of chatter suggesting that Nokia will be getting rid of DRM on their regular download store later this year, with plans to do the same to Comes With Music in 2010.

That means you could end up playing your tracks on any device you like, including iPods and other mobiles. At the moment you're limited to your CWM phone and the computer you grabbed the tracks on.

Nokia has been keen to stress that it was the record labels who wanted DRM as a way to protect themselves from piracy. Either way, going MP3 would certainly draw in more punters.

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