Nokia Comes With Music cracked

Nokia Comes With Music has been cracked by hackers, stripping the free music service of its DRM and letting punters stick their unlimited tunes on any

Unearthed by our good buddies at ElectricPig, the service, dubbed Tunebite, is bound to have Nokia execs going berserk in their Finnish ice bunker this morning. For a down payment of just €20 (£17.50), you can download the specially designed software, which will play your tunes at speed and re–dub them into a non–encrypted file.

Currently, Comes With Music punters can download as many tracks as they want and keep them once their year is up. However, tracks can only be played on a designated mobile or PC.

This move is bound to have music fans jumping for joy. But a word of warning – try this and Nokia is likely to come down on you hard. Still, it's a timely reminder to the Nok and other download proponents that DRM really has had its day.

For more on Comes With Music, see our hands–on video and read our in–depth review.



Price: £17.50

On sale: Now

Contact: Tunebite