Nokia Champagne with Windows Phone Mango discovered

Has a Windows Phone app popped the cork on a new Nokia handset?

A rather delectably named Nokia Windows Phone Tango smartphone, codenamed Champagne, seems to have been inadvertently outed on I'm a WP7 – an app which serves to list Windows Phone 7 users and developers.

Spotted by those eagle-eyed web foragers at WP Central, the screenshot purports to reveal the new WP Nokia handset, and while there's there's no supporting information, we're told it's listed as running the next iteration of the Windows Phone OS – rumoured to be specifically for budget devices at the low-end of the market.

Other than potentially going by the name Nokia Lumia 900 or the Nokia Ace, very little else is known about this mystery handset, which until now wasn't even on our radars. Of course, this now means the rumour mill is in overdrive, with some stating the Champagne is really the US version of the Lumia 800. It's also been suggested that the Champagne could be a completely new product that will launch packing the next round of the Windows Phone OS. At this stage, both options are plausible, so it's just a case of waiting for the big reveal.

Of course, information is scant, but we'll be sure to deliver more news as and when we hear it. We're off to grab a drink – all this talk of Champagne and Tango has made us thirsty.

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