Nokia adopts Windows Phone

Symbian's future looks bleak as Nokia jumps into bed with Microsoft

It's official - Nokia is giving Symbian the slip, and not so it can pour its efforts into MeeGo. The Finns are getting cosy with Microsoft, and Windows Phone will become its primary OS.

The landmark announcement is a two-way street, with Nokia also committing to using Bing search, while Microsoft will borrow expertise from Nokia Maps and tune its mobile platform to make the most of Nokia's cameras and other hardware strengths.

Ovi, and its Store, will also be beating a retreat. Microsoft's Marketplace will absorb the useful bits of those.

Nokia, once king of all things mobile, had lost its way in an age of smartphones. Let's hope this volte-face can turn its fortunes to the good. Call us sentimental, but we'll be shedding a tear for Symbian, too. They were good times, but best left in the past.