Nokia 7705 Twist unboxing video – the twisting, Blackberry botherer revealed

We're quite taken with Nokia's twisting emailer, the Nokia 7705 Twist, and we like it even more now we've seen it on video. It's a pretty basic

On the right hand side of the device, the Contact Light Ring flashes different colours depending on who's contacting you giving the Nokia 7705 Twist another bit of social media cred. But the bad news is that the phone is not set to UK release yet.

We're hopeful that we might see the Nokia 7705 Twist make it here though. Nokia has got form for releasing US devices in the UK a little bit later. The US-only Nokia Surge has now made it over here as the Nokia 6760 Slide.

What do you think of the Nokia 7705 Twist, is it going to twist its way on to your wishlist or is it just a bit square? (Sorry, we just couldn't resist the puns).

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(via Nok Nok)