Nokia 5800 successor and Movie Store outed in leaked ad?

It's still a few weeks away from the Nokia World conference in Stuttgart, but it seems a Nokia advert for a 5800 successor has managed to creep under

On first look, it appears the phone in the ad could well be for the uber-popular 5800. However, on closer look, we noticed a few differences in the appearance of the phone – for a start, the keys at the bottom are different to the 5800. They appear to be touch sensitive rather than hard buttons, and their design resembles those on the lesser-featured 5530.

However, it's not the 5530 either, as it has a very obvious front-facing camera – something missing in the lower-end model.

In the video, little is given away but we do know the new phone will have a tweaked UI, instant Flickr uploads, GPS, and access to the as yet unannounced "Nokia Movie Store".

The YouTube ad shows the user downloading an episode of 24 to their phone via the shiny new store by hooking their handset up to their laptop. Whether you'll be able to do it over 3G, sans laptop remains to be seen.

Symbian Freak reckons the UK will see the store launch in late 2009, and is also predicting the so-called "5900" will come with a boosted 5-megapixel camera, up from the 5800's 3.2mp offering.

It's certainly viable that Nokia would do a follow-up to the popular 5800, whereas the likelihood it would put more money into a new advert for an older phone perhaps seems less likely. But that's just what we think.

We've popped the video over on a blog for you so you can check it out for yourself and make your own decision – we'll be at Nokia World reporting back all the news for you as we hear it so keep it locked to for the latest.