No more Android updates for G1 owners?

It seems G1 owners who hopped on the Android bandwagon from the beginning could now be penalised thanks to the G1's limited amount of on board memory.

The 256MB internal flash memory available on the first Android handset doesn't give much room to play with when it comes to updates – the most Cupcake update already had it all tied up, and it's thought that the forthcoming Donut and Eclair are set to be even bigger.

Jean-Baptiste Queru, an Android dev from Google, put further doubt in the chance of updates for the G1 with a tweet that read: "As much as I'm hoping that it'll be possible to somehow continue updating the G1, I can't promise anything".

We'll have to wait for the Donut or Eclair updates,  , before we know if Google has managed to find a way to give the early Android adopters access to the updates new Android users will get. Let us know what you think below.

Via: MobileCrunch