No Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Special Offers in the UK

Amazon's latest ebook reader won't be available in a cheaper, ad-supported form

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is available to pre-order in the UK – but unlike the US version, it won't come loaded up with adverts.

The latest incarnation of Amazon's ebook reader comes packing an illuminated touchscreen – which, in the US, is used to display Special Offers and adverts on the lock screen and screensaver. For US$20, you can upgrade to an ad-free variant.

However, in the UK, according to Amazon, "Kindle Paperwhite does not include Special Offers or sponsored screensavers." So, is this a victory for the consumer over increasingly intrusive advertising? Or would you rather save a few quid and have a few Kindle Daily Deals on your display? Let us know on Twitter.

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