No 3G for Transformer Prime – Asus

Android data tethering is the way forward says Taiwanese tech giant

The same Asus Italy Facebook page that exposed a January Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Asus Transformer Prime has also revealed that the quad-core tablet will not be available with 3G connectivity.

An Asus Facebook representative stated that no country will have a 3G version of the Transformer Prime as "the spread of Android phones with support for tethering does not justify a second 3G device."

This contrasts with the approach taken by competitors such as Apple's iPad 2, which offers a separate 3G model for people who don't mind paying a monthly fee for go-anywhere browsing without the need to tether.

Time will tell if this will affect sales of the Transformer Prime in any way, but with a spec sheet featuring a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and the ease of mobile data tethering, the Taiwanese tech giant may have a valid point.

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