No 3G iPhone talk at WWDC

Now Apple’s really thrown us off course. Having done nothing to quell idle chatter about a 3G iPhone, they’ve just announced that Steve Jo

No mention of any talk of a 3G version of their winning cell, but it seems they’re steering well clear of any kind of product launches. That means purely talk of software dev rather than anything else.

So while we’ll almost certainly see the release of the iTunes App store for iPhone, we can’t be certain of any official announcement on the 3G iPhone. Rubbish.

Of course, this could all be a neat way to throw us off the scent. And there has already been word that we could see a new version prior to the powwow in San Francisco. Either way, we know it’s coming, but now it’s a bit more uncertain when.

Be sure to keep it locked to, and we’ll bring you news as soon we get it.


3G iPhone

Price: £TBA

On sale: 2008

Contact: Apple