Nissan unveils new efficient diesel NV200 taxi cab for London

Are the days of current TX4 taxis coming to a close as the black cabs turn green?

Nissan has just unveiled the new NV200, an efficient diesel taxi cab, to replace London’s black cab with something a little more green.

London has already begun to see hybrid electric buses on the roads, and with all eyes on England's capital during the Olympics, it’s the ideal place for Nissan to launch the greener form of taxi – albeit diesel, not hybrid. But it did also announce plans for an all electric version coming next year.

The replacement for the current TX4 Hackney carriage (already powered by a 2.5L Nissan diesel engine) will offer more leg room, wheelchair access, and a glass roof to view the city above.

The NV200 will be powered by a 1.5L diesel engine which should help the environment survive the 230 million miles driven by London cabs each year – also saving cabbies around £1000 in that time. If all current cabs were replaced, 20 metric tonnes of pollutants would be avoided a year thanks to the 139g/kg CO2 emitting engine that offers 53 miles per gallon.

An all electric version of this taxi, called EN200, is planned for testing in 2013.

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