Nissan and Ministry of Sound blast your ear drums with the Juke Box

Get your rave on this summer with Nissan and Ministry of Sound's ear-pounding mobile sound system

Nissan has partnered with the audiophiles at Ministry of Sound to create the Juke Box – the world's most powerful on-the-road sound system, which clocks in sounds louder than a jumbo jet at take off, with a whopping 150db output. Gulp.

The Juke Box system is the brainchild of Martin Audio – creators of the legendary sound system that blasts out ear-watering tunes in the Box, Ministry of Sound's main room. The Juke Box's ear-shattering power will be debuting at Le Mans this weekend before it goes on the road, heading for and events across the UK and Europe.

If you can't make it in person (or if you value your hearing) then you can still tune into the Nissan Juke Box Sessions broadcast on Ministry of Sound Radio every fortnight on Mondays between 5pm and 7pm. Rave on.

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