Nintendo Wii for £150? Wii price cut due Friday

What a week for gaming leaks – first we had the PS3 motion controller revealed by some clever espionage, now it looks like the Wii is set to get

Memos emerging from the command bunker of US retail giant Best Buy suggest the Wii will get a reduction to $199 State side. That would be about £150 but we usually don't get the same level of cuts here sadly.

The note nabbed from Best Buy's clutches warns workers not to discuss the Wii price drop until this Friday (25 Sept) when Nintendo is set to announce it. That'll be at the Tokyo Games Conference then.

A price cut in the US does not guarantee one in the UK but both Sony and Microsoft have slashed their console prices worldwide. A cheaper Wii in time for Christmas makes sense and could be a decks clearing move before the Wii 2 arrives.

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(via Engadget)