Nintendo Wii price drop coming 27 September?

We've seen price cuts from both Xbox 360 and PS3, and so it's only right whispers should start about a price drop for Nintendo's Wii – especiall

Nintendo fan site Nintendojo has reported it did some eavesdropping on a conference call between Nintendo and some big name retailers, where it confirmed there would be a $50 price cut starting from 27 September.

Of course this is little more than rumour at the moment, but does seem backed up by American advertising spotted from the likes of Toys R Us and Target listing Nintendo's console at $199.99 – a $50 drop.

We'd expect if it's true, we'll hear about the price cut at the Tokyo Games Show this week, and with any luck alongside the 250GB PS3 Slim.

As for how the price cut will affect the UK price, it's anyone's guess – but any discount will be a bonus.

We'll be reporting all the news out of the Tokyo Games Show later this week, so keep it locked to and be sure to check out our Top 10 games consoles and accessories to see how the Wii fares.

Via: Kotaku