Nintendo Wii gets a facelift

Ninty’s home console’s getting a bit long in the tooth. This nip and tuck should tide it over to the Wii U release

No one’s pretending Nintendo’s Wii looks new and revolutionary in an age of Xbox Kinect and PlayStation. Except maybe for Nintendo, which has just announned a new-look Wii to go on sale in time for Christmas.

Unlike the original model, the streamlined Wii can only be sat horizontally and not stood vertically. It also only comes in white and no longer supports Gamecube games or controllers.

Our guess is that this nipped and tucked Wii will be more wallet-friendly, but Nintendo has yet to say anything about pricing. The Japanese gaming giant says it’ll come in a bundle that includes a Wii Remote Plus controller, a Nunchuck and two games: Wii Party and Wii Sports.

Ninty has also confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which has been in the works since the Wii’s launch in 2006, will finally come out on the 18th November.

That same month Mario will make his debut on the 3DS in Super Mario 3D Land, before returning in a new Mario Kart for the same system in December.


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