Nintendo Wii Fit Plus wins government support

We may have got used to the government slating computer games for making us fat, lazy and even violent, but now the Department of Health is standing b

The new updated Wii Fit game will be the first computer game to bear the logo, which aims to get people exercising and eating healthily.

The branding will apparently be used by Nintendo in its online and TV advertising, in PR material and in store.

Wii Fit Plus will come with 15 new balance games and 6 new yoga-esque activities alongside the games on the previous edition, which included skiing and hula hooping.

A Department of Health spokeswoman told the Press Association: "Active video games, where kids need to jump up and down or dance about as part of the game, are a great way to get kids moving more.

"Little bits of activity like this throughout the day can easily add up to the 60 active minutes kids need."

This government support is a big boost for Nintendo in the run up to the Christmas period, so much so that it has reportedly agreed to promote the government campaign using its own budget.

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