Nintendo tweaks Wii U controller design

Ninty's hardware designers have taken an eraser to the Wii U's original controller blueprints

A leaked picture by a (presumably now, ex) QA tester has revealed a few cosmetic changes to Nintendo's upcoming Wii U controller, Joystiq reports.

The biggest change is the replacement of the two 3DS-like circular slider pads with a pair of bona fide analogue sticks, which is good news for gamers who crave more control and accuracy.

There are also two new square-like buttons, whose functions are unknown at this time. Other more cosmetic changes include the shifting of the plus and minus buttons to the right hand side as well as a light ring surrounding the home button.

A sliding of the Wii U logo to the left appears to be the last of the changes (externally at least), and although the tweeted pic has since been taken down, it would appear that Ninty has been tweaking its next gen console ahead of its big E3 release in June.

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