Nintendo reveals Wii U controllers

Finalised Wii U GamePad and Xbox 360-like Pro Controller shown off in pre-E3 announcement

Nintendo has released a pre-E3 video demonstrating an evolved version of the prototype Wii U GamePad, plus a “Pro Controller” aimed at hardcore gamers.

The former looks fairly similar to the controller shown off at last year’s E3, but with longer, clickable analogue thumb sticks replacing its stubby circular pads. Its grips have been tweaked for added ergonomics, too, and there’s a button that transfers your TV’s image to the controller’s built-in screen – or vice versa. There’s confirmed NFC abilities too.

Meanwhile, the newly-revealed Pro Controller shows that Nintendo hasn’t forgotten the enthusiast end of the market: its Xbox 360-esque design suggests it’s aimed at the sort of gamer who’d snort at gesture controls.

"Miiverse", an online social network for the Wii U, was also unveiled.

You can check out the full 30-minute video below.

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