Nintendo president - "Wii has stalled"

Nintendo isn’t used to chatting about the failures of its Wii console, but that’s exactly what company president Satoru Iwata has done in

Speaking to the press in Osaka last week, Japanese game news site translated Iwata’s comments as saying that the “Wii has stalled”, putting it down to Nintendo’s failure to deliver “the next thing”.

Apparently though, instead of talking about the possibility of a Wii 2, Iwata was actually referring to the next big game, the shoes that were supposed to be filled by the likes of Wii Sports Resort or Wii Fit Plus.

Although widely criticised by the more “hardcore” gamers, the Wii has proved a hit with consumers since its release.

However, from being the best selling console, Wii sales have dropped 43% over the year, and the Wii’s full year sales forecasts have been dropped from 26 million to 20 million.

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Via: PC World