Nintendo preps in-game purchasing for 3DS

Farmville and Smurfs' Village head for Nintendo in 3D. Maybe

Gamers rejoice, Ninty's 3DS is being primed for in-game purchasing by the end of the year. Head honcho Satoru Iwata spilt the beans during a financial Q&A call with investors, while revealing the system will be rolled out to developers by the end of 2011, giving them enough time to iron out any creases. He also stressed Nintendo will only make top downloadable extras – like new levels and new features – available in exchange for your pocket money.

This news comes just a week after Nintendo slashed the price of its third dimensional console in the US and Japan (we're still keeping our fingers crossed for a repeat job in the UK).

Not only would in-game purchasing expand the life-span of its titles, but new features will add value and give a new lease of life to a game that was otherwise on the verge of boring you to death.

On a more exciting note, plans to bring a similar system to the Wii U, expected to be rolled out in spring next year, which would mean Nintendo could be about to make its mark in the online gaming world, where the Xbox 360 and PS3 have been ruling the roost.


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