Nintendo Network launched for 3DS and Wii U

Better late than never, Ninty's rolling out its new Network on its portable player and gearing up for the next console

Nintendo Network is official. What's that, you cry? Well, it's the new name for the online services spanning Ninty's hardware so expect the Network to hit the 3DS and the 2012 Christmas present that is the Wii U.

Nintendo's premier Satoru Iwata confirmed that Wii U users will get personal accounts – giving us reason to hope that Nintendo will link up purchases to people rather than hardware in the future.

Nintendo Network will definitely involve such hi-jinks as downloading digital titles and add-on content, chatting to other gamers and creating Mario Kart 7 communities.

Iwata couldn't say when the Wii U will get Nintendo Network but we doubt it'd be long after the new console – with tablet-style NFC packing controller – launches.

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