Nintendo DSi XL to pack unlimited 3G access?

It seems Nintendo really is trying to push its forthcoming DSi XL as a portable internet device, with the news it is considering adding unlimited 3G t

Nintendo big boss Satoru Iwata, said the company was considering throwing in unlimited 3G data access in to the XL to compete with devices like the iPhone.

He also added that he thought smartphones and the like were too expensive for many, so would be trying to offer an internet and gaming experience at a cheaper rate.

He said: "I'm interested because it's a new model in which the user doesn't bear the communications cost," says Iwata. "Only people who pay [large amounts] a month can be iPhone customers."

All this said, Iwata has confirmed nothing and said there were some things to work out before the option to bring 3G to the DSi could be possible, but we've no doubt the addition will cause a price rise for the gaming handheld.

Of course, we'll be keeping you up to date with anything we hear, but in the meantime let us know if 3G addition to the new DSi would push your hand to upgrade.

Via: Electricpig