Nintendo DSi gets official airing

Nintendo has gone official with their latest handheld hub, the DSi. They've whipped out the GBA slot completely, meaning it measures a Daisy Lowe-esqu

There's now an SD slot, meaning you can play MP3s and upload pics to the new DS Photo Channel before firing them over to your Wii's Photo Channel if the mood takes. You'll also be able to buy games and new programmes for the DSi using newly minted Nintendo points, which replace the Wii points we're already rather fond of.

Nintendo has said that this will be a 'third platform', meaning that it won't replace the best-selling DS Lite, at least not right away. Hell, where would we play our knackered GBA games if they did?

When can you get one? Well, there's the rub. Ninty says that only Japan will be getting the DSi in 2008, with us lot and the US seeing action in 2009. So no ruining Christmas lunch playing Pokemon at the dinner table.

It's going to cost the equivalent of £100, with models coming bundled with up to 800 Nintendo points. Stay tuned to for more news as we get it. Official pics coming soon!