Nintendo 3DS UK launch details firm up

Expect to see more cross-eyed commuters from 25th March when Ninty's 3D handheld goes on sale

3D gaming goes mobile on the 25th of March with Nintendo’s release date for the brain-melting 3DS. To be among the first to get your goggles around Ninty's new portable, you'll have to battle the crowds at HMV’s Oxford Street shop for the official launch; the store opens at midnight but you can bet that avid Ninty fans will be turning up hours beforehand for golden ticket-like wrist bands that guarantee entry.


A free 3DS game to the first 500 gamers is an extra bonus, along with a goodie bag to keep everyone else happy. With this launch and the NGP announcement, 2011 definitely looks set to be an exciting year for gaming on the go.


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