Nintendo 3DS Lite in the works

Nintys hand-held console looks set to join you in a 2012 slimming regime

The Nintendo 3DS may be joining you in a 2012 slimming regime, as rumours of a 3DS Lite have begun circling the interwebs.

Japanese magazine Nikkei Trendy has speculated that the newer 3DS Lite will be thinner and lighter with an improvement in battery life and should be released this spring.

Previous rumours of a 3DS redesign also speculated on the addition of a second (and much needed) analogue stick, which would be much easier on the eyes than the Slide Pad add-on.

Given Nintendo's habit of redesigning the DS line, this is one rumour that will likely come to fruition – so keep your eyes peeled for more news from the land of the rising sun…

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