Nintendo 3DS to get a 2012 redesign?

It’s been out all of five months and already it’s getting taken to the chop-shop for a remodel

Nintendo could be redesigning the 3DS for a 2012 release, according to sources of French site 01net. Looks like the Sony PlayStation Vita has given Ninty a scare as it intends to add a second analogue stick (good call) and radically tone down the 3D angle on the 3DS, meaning the redesign even renames the seminal handheld.

Nintendo has said all this is just “rumours and speculation” – not a denial, exactly. Don’t spend too much on your iPhone 5, Amazon Kindle tablet, or iPad 3 this Christmas as you’ll need money for the – hopefully – slimmer, faster Nintendo handheld that emphatically won’t be called 3DS.


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