Nikon’s new touchscreen Coolpix S60 gets official

While we wait for official word on the D90, Nikon has given its line of compacts a refresh. Leading the line is the new Coolpix S60, with a massive fu

The LCD is a whacking 3.5in, leaving no room for any extra buttons round the back. That means you’re looking at a full touchscreen to control everything from zoom to picture modes.

You can poke and prod with either your fingers or the bundled stylus. Either way, you’ll still be able to use the likes of smile and blink detection and the accelerometer for checking out your pics in landscape and portrait. Tech–wise, you get a 10MP sensor and 5x optical zoom.

There’s also “HDTV Pictmotion” to let you hook the camera up to your telly via HDMI. Pretty cool whichever way you cut it. It’s set to drop in September for £299.

Elsewhere, Nikon has released S550 replacement, the S560, with 10MP for £179, the S610 and the S610c, which rocks Wi–Fi to hurl your pics straight onto the net. The latter two clock in at £249.

Then there’s the S710, with 14MP, a 3in screen and 3.6x optical zoom. Not quite the new P6000, but still a beast of camera. We’ll be bringing you a video review very soon, so keep your eyes on


Nikon Coolpix S60

Price: £299

On sale: September

Contact: Nikon