Nikon Small World Photomicrography competition best bits

Nikon has a competition. It involves hyper-magnified images. Here are the best bits

Water flea

Or is he just a mutated, see-through elephant with low-self esteem? Either way he's being shot at 100 times magnification.

Ant head

This autoflouresence shot captured a giant ant about to eat the photographer... or it's magnified ten times, you decide.


Even something as perennial as sand looks astonishing when magnified just four times.

Microchip 3D reconstruction

Do you think the makers of Tron knew just how accurately they were portraying the inside of a computer? Shot at 500 times magnification.

Chrysopa (green lacewing) larva

This beastie looks like he's wandered in from Starship Troopers – but he's shot at 20 times magnification.



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