Nikon outs super–specced P6000 compact

Not content with dropping a stack of new compact Coolpix snappers, Nikon has just outed another – the new Coolpix P6000. Billed as a top of the

For your £429, you get a 14MP sensor, 4x optical zoom and a 2.7in screen round the back for spying your pics as you take them.

The real story here though is the fact you can take snaps in RAW format, hooking them up to Windows Image Component and working your magic with them on your PC.

You also get a “GPS position stamp”, essentially posh speak for geotagging. Leave the GPS on and data about your location will be stashed and available whenever you hook your camera up to your PC, so you can use the likes of Google Maps to see exactly where you took that shot after a few fizzy vodkas.

There’s a full manual mode too and the chance to store all your photos on Nikon’s MyPictureTown service. It’s out in September, so get saving.


Nikon Coolpix P6000

Price: £429

On sale: September

Contact: Nikon