Nikon officially outs D3X DSLR

Fancy grabbing a new camera for Christmas? Well, Nikon's got the answer – as long as you're not currently being squeezed towards the sharp end o

The top–end camera types have just unveiled their sharp new D3X DSLR. And while it comes with a feature set to make even the most hardened snapper gasp, there's one minor issue to contend with – the price tag, which is set at an eye–watering £5,500.

For 5k, you get a 24.5MP sensor, full resolution shooting at 5fps, RAW file format and ISO up to 1600, which can be beefed up to a frankly insane 6400. All that should have you taking pics that'll ensure entry to Magnum. Possibly.

It's due to hit shelves by the middle of the month. Just as the shops begin their panicked, pre–Christmas sales. So keep an eye out for it in the bargain bin.

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Nikon D3X

Price: £5,500

On sale: December

Contact: Nikon