Nikon first with a Wi-Fi cam

Here's a turn-up for the gadget books. The year's most highly-anticipated digicam - Kodak's Wi-Fi Easyshare One - is going to be pipped to the post by two new Nikon Wi-Fi cams later this month

Despite being announced nearly a year ago, it looks like Kodak's Easyshare One won't be the first Wi-Fi cam to hit the UK after all.

That honour is now certain to go to Nikon, which is launching two handsome Wi-Fi shooters later this month.

As well as giving Kodak one in its lens, the 5.1MP P2 and 8MP P1 mark the first shot across the bows of the upstart cameraphone world. Both cams  can wirelessly ping images from SD memory card to a nearby computer or printer via a £50 USB adapter. Direct PC-less uploads Flickr-style gallery sites are being considered for a future firmware upgrade.

Spec-wise, the cams are also blessed with in-camera editing, 3.5 optical zooms, 2.5in LCDs and decent VGA-quality movie modes.

First impressions? We particularly like the fact that they have Wi-Fi built-in, leaving the SD slot free for photo storage. Kodak's camera doesn't have it built-in, so you have to fill the SD slot with a Wi-Fi adapter, limiting storage to 256MB internal memory.

The P1 will cost £350 and the P2 will be knocking around for £280. They're on sale 'end of September'.