Nikon D90 officially unveiled

Nikon hasn't exactly done a stellar job of keeping it's new D90 DSLR off of the world's premium gossip blogs, but now they've finally seen fit to offi

The specs are pretty much just as we expected, with 12.1MP sensor, 3in Live View LCD screen, 720p HD shooting which the Japanese camera types offers a, "movie shooting function that delivers genuinely cinematic results." We'll hold judgement on that one until we're filming low rent celebs running down the streets away from us though.

There's also a built-in flash, ISO up to 3200 and an HDMI connection for getting all those hi-def flicks straight onto your TV without any hassle.

Nikon's not given any details on a release date, with a UK price of £699 body onely and £849 with lens kit. Still, if you find that's not enough, you can always grab the slightly hefitier Canon EOS 50D instead.


Nikon D90

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Nikon