Nikon D90 deets slip out

Details on the spanking new Nikon D90 have weedled their way onto the web this morning. The new DSLR, which replaces the much-vaunted D80 snapper, is

Alongside a 12MP sensor, which will be capable of 4.5 frames per second, there's the ever popular live view, as well as an HDMI connection for watching your hi-def recordings on the TV.

Not content with all those regular camera goodies, Nikon is also said to be readying GPS connections, presumably so punters can geotag their snaps. If every camphone worth its salt can do it, then why can't a DSLR get in on the action?

Rumour has it that the peeper will officially rear its head at a photography trade show in Berlin next month. We're catching up with Nikon today, so keep 'em peeled for more news as we get it.

And if the D90 seems a bit well, cheap, then perhaps their recently announced D700, clocking in at £2,000, is more of your thing. If you've still got a decent credit limit in these times of enforced penury that is.