Nikon D700 gets official

So, that 8MP Sony Ericsson C905 doesn’t quite cut it for you? Maybe you need to take things up a notch with the new Nikon D700, outed today.The

The new high–end DSLR crams in a full–fram 12.1MP CMOS sensor, alongside a UDMA CompactFlash and a massive 3in live view display. All of which should be plenty to get you set up in the ‘hassling overrated actresses round Primrose Hill’ business.

You’ll also get ISO up to 6400, 5 or 8fos full resolution shooting, 51 point autofocus and even HDMI out. That’s a hell of a lot of features to contend with.

The cost? An insane £1,999.99. That’s gonna hurt!

It’s due to be released this month, so keep your eyes peeled photography fans.


Nikon D700

Price: £1,999.99

On sale: July

Contact: Nikon