Nikon D4 specs leaked

Want a 16.2MP DSLR that can see in the dark? Night vision here we come

This January we could see the launch of Nikon's contender for the pro DSLR title, the Nikon D4 – and after the announcement of Canon's EOS 1D X, it looks equally juicy on paper.

Nikon Rumours reckon they've got their paws on most of the spec list, which includes a 16.2MP sensor – less than the 1D X but megapixels aren't everything. We can also look forward to an impressive ISO range of 100 - 104,200 which is expandable up from just 50 to a whopping 204,800.

So in theory, you should still be able to take great snaps in darkened rooms without bags of noise using the D4 – we do recommend coming into the light occasionally though to test out the other end of the spectrum though.

Other features tipped for inclusion on the Nikon D4 include an 11fps burst mode and unspecified improvements to video and AF from other Nikon DSLRs. And keep your eye on our January coverage of our jaunt to Vegas as the D4 might just pop up at CES. 

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