Nike+ Sportband gets updated for the summer

Apple may well have confirmed Nike+ support for the iPhone 3G S, but Nike has announced an update to its non-iPod running accessory, the Sportband.Wit

With a new shock absorbent design, sharper screen and improved accuracy, pop the new Sportband on your wrist and when combined with Nike+ trainers, you'll be able to get all the deets on your pace, distance, time and calories burnt.

The Sportband will store up to 16 hours of run info in the discreet detachable USB unit, which you can detach at anytime and hook up to your computer to store your data in your personal workout log on the Nike+ website.

You'll be able to pick the Sportband up in two colours – white and pink, or black and fluorescent yellow – for a £40 price tag, although the Nike+ trainers you'll need for it to work start from £65 as well.