Nike+ FuelBand watches your every move

Need a nudge to budge the bulge? The new Nike+ FuelBand is like being manacled to your personal trainer

Just what you’ve always wanted: a sci-fi bracelet. But wait. Before you send back the Nike+ FuelBand, take a closer look. It’s actually an accelerometer-based movement sensor that spends all day sitting on your wrist, judging whether you’re spending too much time sitting on your… well, you get the picture.

Yes, it’s a remarkably similar concept to the Jawbone Up we saw last year, but Nike’s Lance Armstrong-endorsed FuelBand doesn’t want to know how much you weigh, and it isn’t interested in telling you what to do about it.

Instead, it uses NikeFuel, earned by doing exercise. You set a daily target and, as you approach it throughout the day, the LED dot-matrix display changes from red to green. If the NikeFuel points are too abstract a measurement for you, there’s also the option to measure more traditional metrics: time, calories or steps.

The Nike+ FuelBand hits the UK on May 1st for £140. Just in time for our annual spring run, then.

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