Night of the squealing tyres

Last night's big event wasn't protesters in Edinburgh and Blair in Singapore. Something far more momentous happened - we managed to hold our own at Play With Stuff, our monthly Xbox Live challenge

So the second Play With Stuff Xbox challenge has been fought, this time across the racetracks of Forza Motorsport. Did we redeem ourselves after our previous Halo 2 mauling?

To our amazement, yes. Not through skill, mind - that would've been incredible - but through the tardiness of some Stuffers. Thus a 4 Stuffers versus 4 readers contest turned into 4 Stuffers versus one patient reader (Mr Hateclans1) who kindly waited 30 minutes. Through weight of numbers, we triumphed. After a series of circuit races, our deputy ed eventually clinched gold, narrowly beating our tenacious art ed by four points on the leaderboard.

And then we played Halo 2. First place to and fro-ed between Stuff and Hateclans on Beaver Creek, Ascension and Zanzibar. Finally, without warning, a stream of Xbox Live vets piled in for a massive team brawl. We bestow awards here to RyanLoki (for being so sociable) and Mossrat (for single-handedly taking on a team of four Stuffers and winning).

To everyone who took a pop shot at us, we thank you.

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