Next Xbox specs revealed

New Xbox will pack quad-core processor, Kinect 2.0 – and a Blu-ray drive, at last

A detailed breakdown of the new Xbox has appeared in the penultimate issue of Xbox World magazine, revealing specs for the new version of Microsoft's games console.

The new Xbox – which will be called simply "Xbox," in a bit of Apple iPad-style naming, is currently codenamed Durango. It'll arrive packing "four hardware cores, each divided into four logical cores," along with Blu-ray support (finally!), 8GB of RAM, directional audio, TV input and output and – alarmingly for hardcore gamers – an "innovative controller."

That "innovative" controller could be a previously-rumoured second screen controller similar to that of the Nintendo Wii U. You'll also be able to control the new Xbox using a new and improved Kinect 2.0 – and, later in the Xbox's life cycle, Google Project Glass-style AR goggles.

Xbox World's info seems to tally with a recently leaked Microsoft business document – which also promises a release date of 2013 and a price of US$300.

Xbox World has also created the rather tasty mock-up design for the new Xbox above, inspired by the Microsoft Surface and its Wedge peripherals.

Of course, there are also rumours of Microsoft working on an Xbox Surface gaming tablet – could Redmond be planning a PS Vita-style syncing mechanism for the two bits of kit? If that planned 2013 release date for the new Xbox is true, we'll find out soon.

[Xbox World via Gizmodo and CVG]

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