Next Robosapien 'will be 1 metre tall'

That's what Robosapien's creator and ex-NASA man says. In an interview with Stuff this morning, Mark Tilden also talked about new colour editions of the V2, downloading Sims personalities into future robots and his plans for world domination

The next version of Robosapien will break the one metre mark, carry objects the size of newspapers and be controlled entirely via a biro-sized remote control.

That's what Mark Tilden, the burping robot's creator, says. In an interview with Stuff this morning, the ex-NASA engineer-cum-gadgeteer told us that after Robosapien V2 - the one in the photo above, which goes on sale this November for £200 - there will be a one-metre V3 next year.

Though none of the V3's features have been fixed yet, possibles include:

In the meantime we've got the two-foot tall V2 to look forward to. After going on sale in two month's time, it'll be followed by international voice editions and alternative colour versions next year.

Robo V2's being distributed in the UK by Character Toys. We'll let you know when he's on sale.