Next Motorola smartphone could have an edge-to-edge display

Bezels are so last year, Motorola reckons – it's cooked up a screen that'll take up the whole front face of its new smartphone

Motorola is reportedly going to introduce a new phone that features an edge-to-edge display at a September 18th event in London.

Unfortunately details are scarcer than a very scarce thing but, according to Bloomberg's industry source, Motorola's new phone will feature a bezel-less display along with super-speedy LTE connectivity.

Increasing the likelihood of a full-screen Motorola phone, invitations for the mid-September announcement event say: "Let us take you to the edge" – a mighty big clue.

It's also worth noting that an Intel logo adorns the top of said invite, more than hinting at where the phone's internals will be coming from.

Besides differentiating Motorola phones away from the rest of the pack, the lack of a bezel would allow Moto to fit a bigger display in a smaller case – so hopefully it won't take up as much pocket real estate as the Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X.

[via Bloomberg]

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