Next-gen Samsung Galaxy Tab to debut at MWC 2012

The forerunner in the Android tablet game could be preparing to launch a hyper-specced tablet at the mobile tech show

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear Samsung’s planning some new Galaxy Tab hardware for Mobile World Congress 2012. With rumours that the Galaxy SIII could be bound over for a summer release, the company will want to flaunt at least some of its mighty Android portfolio at the show.

Rumours from a number of sources – chiefly Android and Me, BGR and – point to an Exynos 5250 processor (though not the quad-core Exynos chip we pointed to in November) and an 11.6in screen.

The Exynos processor – built on the as-yet-unavailable ARM Cortex A-15 core – would provide blistering power for the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) tablet and jump the gun on competitors who haven’t got access to development time with ARM’s new hardware.

Collectively, the rumours point to a dual-core supertablet that’s light, fast and has an enviable battery life. And we’d expect its name to be Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 if those screen rumours are true.

The proof is less than a month away – and we’ll be live at the launch event when it happens. Meanwhile, have a look at the other hardware we’re expecting to see launched at Mobile World Congress 2012.

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