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Next gen iPod Touch could match iPhone 5’s 4in screen

The next version of Apple's media player could be getting a size boost along with an A5 processor

September might bring us more than one Apple treat – according to new rumours, a 4in iPod Touch will launch alongside the iPhone 5 in a matter of months. The iDevice rumblings come this time from Japanese blog Macotakara which says that “Asian sources” have clapped eyes on the next gen media player.

Specs aren’t exactly written in stone at this stage but it wouldn’t be impossible for the next iPod Touch to arrive with a larger 4in screen and A5 chip, to match the power of the iPhone 4S, as the sources say.

Macotakara’s insiders also claim the next iPod Touch will sport a buffed aluminium back, will be available in white and black, and will feature a mystery hole in the lower half of the back case.

All these rumours indicate it’s onwards and upwards for the iPod Touch – so remember, once Tim Cook’s finished up with the iPhone 5 announcement, stay in your seats for the rest of Cupertino’s 2012 pocketable launches.

[via CNET]

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