Next-gen iPhone being tested?

Apple has begun field testing the next iPhone, if rumours are to be believed, after an iPhone 3,1 turned up in the usage logs of a new app.According t

According to Mac Rumours, the iPhone 3,1 turned up in the analytics of the iBART application, which doesn’t correspond to any of iPhones released so far.

In fact the last one spotted was iPhone 2,1 which turned out to be the 3G S.

Of course it's almost a dead cert that we can expect an iPhone update next year of some sort, so although it's not huge news, the fact that testing has begun certainly means we can expect the rumour mill to start churning out speculative features of the new phone pretty soon.

In fact, we've already heard whisperings of RFID support, and we're now looking forward to the outrageous, over-the-top rumours to start trickling though. An iPhone that can do your exercise for you? Or a built-in camera that connects straight to Santa perhaps?

We'd settle for Flash support and a flash for the camera, to be honest. Let us know what you'd like from the next iPhone below.