Next–gen Amazon Kindle DX coming tomorrow?

We've not even seen the original launch in the UK yet, but the third model of the much–vaunted Amazon Kindle is set for launch tomorrow in New Y

Rumours began swirling Stateside on New York, with gadget fanatics Engadget now pinning the device for launch tomorrow afternoon UK time. Word is the new eReader, dubbed Amazon Kindle DX, will pack a niftier web browser and, crucially, a 9.7in screen.

While this may seem on the large side, it's clearly being aimed at those newspaper subscriptions we heard so much about when the Kindle 2 landed earlier in 2009.

There are also suggestions that university students across the pond will also be getting text books on versions of this latest effort when they head back to class in the autumn.

Stay tuned for more as this develops. But in the meantime read our feature on everything you need to know about eBooks.