Next Big Thing – WristQue smart wristbands

These next generation wrist huggers are more than just fashion statements – they can control everything from the thermostat to your telly

Is this the snap bracelet 2.0?

Not at all. These 3D-printed plastic WristQue bands, created by the genius hothouse that is the MIT Media Lab, are loaded with an array of sensors and controls, ensuring that your environment will always be customised to your liking.


So what does it do?

Shivering in the office? Crank up the heat with a touch of a button. Want to interact with a TV Minority Report style? Wave away and let the WristQue do all the work thanks to gesture control support. The system is able to adapt and learn – if it knows you're in a certain room at a certain time most days, it will set the preferred temperature before you arrive.

What happens if two people are in the same room?

Then the world folds into a singularity and our existence becomes null. Or one person has preference over the other. We're not sure as this concept is still in its infancy, but we hope that the boffins at MIT hurry up with development to put an end to inter-office thermostat wars once and for all.

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